Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 032: True That! Double True!

Today was church day so I tried to dress a bit fancier and simpler than I normally do. Every week I always get dressed up for church and upon arriving realize everyones in jeans. Oh well! I was able to grab lunch with a bunch of really cool new church friends at Peace of Pizza, which I had never been to before today. I had MAC AND CHEESE pizza! Jealous? You should be!

Today's Outfit:

Today I wore a black dress with my black sweater tights again. I kept it simple and easy by just wearing a lot of red accents--red flats, red lipstick, red(mostly) beaded necklace, and a red belt that I looped. So much black! Stop the madness! I'm really going to try to not wear as much black tomorrow; i'm in a black rut. Things need to be spiced up a bit! :D

The Breakdown:
  • Dress: Target-$30
  • Tights:??
  • Flats: Target-$20
  • Belt: Estate sale-free
  • Necklace: India!-$??

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