Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 015: I Also Grabbed A Rifle

Today I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. Something that should have happened awhile ago! Doesn't it feel so good to tackle a project that you've been putting off for days, months, or sometimes years?? And then after you finished it you wonder, "Why didn't I do this ages ago?" because now you feel so much better--so much more peaceful!

After I cleaned I went and babysat this evening. I wore my magnifying glass necklace again which may have been a mistake because they are obsessed with it! At some point in the evening I gave the 4 year-old girl I watch my camera and told her she could take a few shots. I'm adding those with the usual photos today!

Today's Outfit:

And then comes the photo's taken by my lovely 4 year-old photographer...

Today my goal was to wear something that accurately expressed who I am but that was also kid friendly. I needed to make sure I could run around and crawl on the floor in it! So I went with a comfortable plaid top and a shorts with tights combo. Wearing tights is a great way to wear sandles that you love in the wintery months. I went with this shoe because it had a slight wedge and I wanted to dress the outfit up a bit. I tied it all together with my gold magnifying glass necklace and red lipstick. 

The Breakdown:
  • Plaid shirt: Estate sale-free
  • Black shorts: H&M-$20
  • Tights: Delias-$10
  • Shoes: ??
  • Necklace: Part Grandma's house, part Ebay
P.S. No I did not actually get a rifle.

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