Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 104: In Every Direction

Readers, meet my new skirt. New skirt, meet the readers. I love it. It's the perfect color for Fall this season and oh so flowy and wonderful. If I could, I'd get one in every color. Although I should add it is not the warmest item of clothing I own. Solution: Leggings underneath. one has to know ;)

Happy Fall!

The Breakdown:
  • Shirt: Vintage
  • Skirt: Romwe-$32
  • Boots: Urban Outfitters-$40
  • Belt: Came with a pair of H&M pants
  • Necklace: Ebay-$10

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 103: I Carry On

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately. I have really enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors. Doing so has given me a chance to hang out with some of the neighborhood kids which I love. A little girl named Rumsha took these. I think she did an alright job ;)

Also, even though its chilly, I totally got a snow cone from the ice cream man this day. XD

The Breakdown:
  • T-shirt: H&M-$10
  • Pants: Gap-$35
  • Shoes: Toms-$56
  • Scarf: H&M-$10

Day 102: Just Don't Sleep

Black and white with bright red lipstick-A timeless favorite for a lovely Fall day :)

The Breakdown:
  • Dress: Vintage
  • Boots: Hunter Boots via Nordstrom-$120
  • 3 beaded necklaces: Vintage

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 101: It's Like A Dream

I recently went to Larriland farm in Woodbine, MD with a couple good friends. It was the most perfect Fall day a girl could ask for! We had a sweet little picnic next to the farms lake fit with cider and raspberries and then went pumpkin picking! Aside from the beautiful weather I was also able to pick up some yummy homemade pumpkin butter--Mmmmm!

I decided to wear a dress that stylistically seemed like the most cliche Fall outfit in the best way possible. My friends decided to poke fun at me for this--"Who wears a dress to go pumpkin picking??" Allison Schoon, thats who! I did have itchy legs half the time though, which I, of course, kept to myself. They can't know they were right, shhhh! :)

The Breakdown:
  • Dress: Vintage
  • Shoes: Goodwill-$7
  • Belt: Goodwill-$3
  • Sunnies: H&M-$5
P.S.-Who knew I was going to blend in so well?? If someone took my dress and threw it the pumpkin patch it would probably take hours to find it...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 100: Silence Is the Sound of Now

Now that it's October I figured it was time for a nice, traditional Fall outfit. If this doesn't scream Fall I don't know what does...Also, note the new Toms! I'm completely thrilled with these new shoes. They go with everything because of the natural colors used, but they added a hint of gold shimmery-ness. Not to mention they are oh so comfortable! 

The Breakdown:
  • Sweater: Victoria's Secret via Ebay-$40
  • Pants: H&M-$25
  • Tank: H&M-$10
  • Purse: Target-$20
  • Shoes: Toms-$54

Day 099: All That Jazz

Went out for an evening of food, friends, and entertainment! I love Toby's Dinner Theater and love the music from Chicago. So, when asked if I'd like to see Chicago at Toby's I did not hesitate! What a great evening :)

The Breakdown:
  • Blue dress: Ebay-$30
  • Shoes: Seychelles via DSW-$60
  • Purse: Vintage
  • Gold coin belt: Vintage

My friend Jacqueline and I at Toby's!

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