About Me

Hiya! I'm Allison Schoon, a 22 year old girl that loves styling, fashion, music, art, owls and foxes, Autumn, Superman, designing, and many other things. I do my best to live life creatively and spontaneously and loathe the mundane. 

I am a student studying Psychology and have way too many ideas of what I want to be when I grow up. I know one day that I will have my dream job and you will never find me working in a cubicle (no offense to those of you that do, it's just not for me :P).

This blog is a 365 day creative challenge for myself. I post a picture reflecting my personal style as often as I can (I won't stop until I've reached 365 days) and let you guys know where each item is from and approximately how much the items were. Along the way I try to give little tidbits about the adventures my outfits take and a peek into the things that I learn and love.

I hope that this blog is enjoyable for you and that you will keep visiting me here :)
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