Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 030: I Keep Secrets In My Necklace

Thursday was the day I no longer got to play in the snow anymore...I had to deal with it! Now, I love snow, but I really loathe shoveling my car out--especially when it kept getting stuck! Through that I actually feel like God really showed me what his love is like. You see, my family hasn't always been on the best terms with some of our neighbors. That day though those very same neighbors came up to me in my car as the tires were spinning in the snow and pushed me out. That is love, and I felt it!

Thursday's Outfit:
Told ya those boots would be back! I wore them with a reddish-orangish top, a black button-up skirt, and black tights. I also added a wonderful little necklace that I got from a gallery opening in Old E.C.

The Breakdown:
  • Shirt: Goodwill-$5
  • Skirt: H&M-$20
  • Tights: Urban Outfitters-$18
  • Boots: L.L. Bean-$89
  • Necklace: Gallery in E.C.-$6

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