Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 020 & 021: Fuchsia Tights Weekend

So this weekend I decided to wear my fuchsia tights both days as a challenge of sorts. Through this little experiment I have discovered my love for fuchsia tights. Now I want green ones, and yellow ones, and blue! Yes, I will be doing colored tight weekends again-don't judge me.

 Saturday's Outfit:

Sunday's Outfit:

Which do you like better?

As I've already said, this weekend I experimented with fuchsia tights. Saturday I paired them with high waisted denim shorts that I got from the thrift store. They started as "mom jeans" but after cutting them off a bit they turned into something I found cute :) I wore a floral shirt with it that had some blues in it which is where the navy oxfords come in. I wore some seafoam colored earrings and a long chained necklace. Voila! 

Sunday I wore my tights with a black and white dress that I put a black shirt under and a black skirt over (is that confusing?). I wore my favorite black and gold belt with my black booties. While out I wore my teal colored scarf. 

Saturday's Breakdown:
  • Shirt: Macy's-$20
  • Shorts: Salvation Arm-$5
  • Tights: Target-$5
  • Oxfords: Forever Love-$12
  • Camera Ring: ModCloth-$10
  • Other Ring?: Borrowed
  • Necklace: Pull And Bear in Greece!-$??
  • Earrings: A shop in India-$??
Sunday's Breakdown:
  • Dress: H&M-$5
  • Shirt: Gap-$15
  • Skirt: H&M-$20
  • Tights: Target-$5
  • Shoes: Urban Outfitters-$48 (used to be on sale)
  • Belt: Estate Sale-free

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