Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 084: Pearl

Yesterday I enjoyed a nice relaxing Memorial Day. The first day in awhile where I pretty much did absolutely nothing. It's nice to have one of those kind of days every now and then :D.

Yesterday's Outfit:

Okay, okay, so I'm going to try to not wear my black leather sandals so often. It's hard when they are so comfortable and literally go with everything! So, aside from my sandals I wore my long floral sundress with a gold coin belt, sunglasses, and a pearl collar necklace. I'm in love with the belt and the necklace but especially the necklace. It was a gift and I just find it so unique and different! :)

The Breakdown:
  • Dress: Goodwill-$6
  • Sandals: Anthropologie-$50
  • Belt: A gift
  • Necklace: A gift
  • Sunglasses: The Zone (vintage store in Baltimore)-$10

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 083: Turban

I recently drove up to PA to visit my Grammy and my Uncle. We had so much fun shopping and dining out. Upon arriving back at their house I was told there was a jewelery and scarf stash! My Grammy gave me a bunch of scarves, jewelery, and accessories that are beautiful and unique. I was in Heaven! A lot of the pieces were my late Aunt Ann's. She obviously had good taste :)

Past Outfit:

As I have said in the past navy and plum are one of my favorite color pairings. There's just something about the two together that is just magic (I once saw a house painted these colors, I was in love). So, I wore a navy, polka-dotted pleated skirt and a plum colored shirt that has some crochet detail around the top. I added my new camel colored heals that I had gotten that day while shopping, a pendant necklace, and tied a purple chiffon scarf around my head. I had seen turban-ish hair accessories on different clothing websites and figured I would give it a try. With mine and my Grammy's powers combined we figured out a way to wrap it. 

Step 1: Hold an end of the scarf in each hand
Step 2: Pull the scarf against your forehead with the ends
pointing towards the back
Step 3: Criss cross the ends and pull them around to
the front of your head
Step 4: Knot at the side twice
Step 5: Tuck the ends into the band
Simple enough right? :)
The Breakdown:
  • Skirt: Goodwill-$5
  • Shirt: Banana Republic-$15
  • Shoes: Clarks Outlet-$20
  • Scarf: A gift :)
  • Necklace: Ebay-$10
P.S. Oh yeah, and thats my neighbor Gi-Won. Isn't she so precious??

Day 082: Bossy

It's been a little while readers. I've been enjoying my new-found freedom now that the semester is over. And now I'm gearing up for Summer classes. I start this Wednesday-yuck! I have thoroughly been enjoying time catching up with friends and having nothing due though. I love the Summertime so much :)

Past Outfit:

This day I wanted a fun, quirky hang out outfit. I decided to go with my comfy, yet whimsical, romper. I love the black and white heart print! I paired it with a loose fitting ivory cardigan and my black leather sandals. I also added a skinny seafoam colored belt to add a little pop of color. 

The Breakdown:
  • Romper: H&M-$10
  • Cardigan: The Gap-$20
  • Sandals: Anthropologie-$50
  • Belt: Estate sale-Free

P.S. Did you catch the photo of me ordering my photographer around? I'm bossy, but she puts up with me :P

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, I'm In Love

It's been awhile since I've done this feature-it's supposed to be "Friday, I'm In Love" but I forgot to start it back up last Friday. Whoops! I have been wanting to feature 5 things I'm loving every Friday but the semester got in the way. So, here are some things I'm loving...finally :)

       White Chocolate Truffle Dress
                     This Queen's Wardrobe dress.
                                    Fair trade clothing at Mata Traders.
Restricted "Sprinkle"sandals in yellow
                             Leather sandals

Factory silk pocket tank
                                       This silk J.Crew tank.

                            Nautical stripes

Day 081: Tinted

Today was such a nice, laid back day. I have so been craving one of these since the semester ended. Nothing is due...nothing! What a wonderful feeling! Two weeks until Summer classes...but we won't think about that ;)
Today's Outfit:

Today I paired a bright red-orange crop top with denim cut off, high-waisted shorts. These were actually mom jeans that I found at Goodwill. I simply cut 'em up and voila nice high-waisted shorts! I also wore some black tied sandals and a few cream and gold bangles. Also, as a side note, I just today discovered tinted moisturizer. I got some from my Mom who sells Mary Kay and I love it. It's lightweight, has a little foundation, some shimmer to give you a glow, and (my favorite part) it is spf 25. Perfect Summer make-up for people like me that don't want to tan, but would like a little Summer glow! I'm sold.

The Breakdown:
  • Top: H&M-$10
  • Shorts: Goodwill-$5
  • Sandals: Random shop-$15
  • Bangles-Forever 21-$5
  • Tinted Moisturizer-Mary Kay-$18

Day 080: Mimi

It has been a weekend family extravaganza! Don't you sometimes wish that all your loved ones could live in the same area? I do! I guess I'll just have to take a US tour and visit them all ;)

Yesterday's Outfit:

Yes, my family was calling me a hippie all day. The pains of being quirky. Yesterday, I wore a perforated, blush colored crop top with black shorts that have a little satin sheen to them. These shorts were one of those "what was I thinking?" purchases. They are neither low-rise nor high-waisted-bleh. Pairing them with a crop top was the perfect solution! I also wore my new black leather sandals (I'll try not to wear them too often :P). To accessorize I wore a light brown, yarn headband and a wooden necklace that used to be my Mimi's. I felt it was a good way to remember her during the family get together :) 

The Breakdown:
  • Top: H&M-$12
  • Shorts: H&M-$20
  • Sandals: Anthropologie-$50
  • Necklace: A gift :)
  • Headband: A purchase from a craft fair-$1

Day 079: Just Tuck A Napkin In

Family has been coming in from all over and it's been great getting to see faces that I don't see nearly enough. We went out for crabs and beer that evening :)

Friday's Outfit:

Okay, so perhaps wearing a white top was not the best idea for eating crabs. I ended up having to tuck a napkin in my shirt collar, which actually didn't turn out too badly! :P I wore this button up, pin striped blouse with charcoal Audrey-esque cigarette pants. Then I added a peach colored scarf with some beading and some red-ish lipstick. And now to present my new shoes...I. Love. Them. They go with everything and they are so comfortable! Worth every penny :)

The Breakdown:
  • Top: J.Crew-$25
  • Pants: J.Crew-$38
  • Scarf: A gift from India!
  • Sandals: Anthropologie-$50

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 078: Milk Maid

I love how green everything is getting now that Summer is on the horizon. It's making my pictures look warmer and life-y-er (yes, I can make up words whenever I'd like) :P

Past Outfit:

Well readers, I brought out my most special pair of shoes for you all! :P I just had to be comfortable that day...it was a must...classes, finals, 'nough said. I'm not one of those fashion bloggers that "never wear anything but heels and dressy clothes." I don't who I'm quoting but I know I've read it! I'm a real person that enjoys a comfy day or two XD. So anyways, I wore a white and navy striped tunic with a pair of jeans and some flippy floppys. I layered two long necklaces-one a magnifying glass, the other some jingly tulips. I also decided to play with my hair that day and braided it back on both sides for a milk maid-ish look. :)

The Breakdown:
  • Top: H&M-$12
  • Jeans: Banana Republic-$18
  • Flip Flips: As if you care...
  • Tulip Necklace: ModCloth-$10
  • Magnifying Necklace: Free

Day 077: Off The Wall

Bought new crop tops! Woop woop! :)

Past Outfit:

Today I decided to go with an all black ensemble-black crop top and black jeggings-with the only pop of color being my pink lipstick and my fun floral heels.I wanted to make sure that nothing was taking away from my awesome shoes. I'm also in love with crop tops. They make outfits so much more interesting with their play on proportions!

The Breakdown:
  • Top: H&M-$10
  • Jeggings: The Gap-$35
  • Shoes: Delias-$40
  • Lipstick: Victoria's Secret-$12

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 076: Zinger

Today was an utterly exhausting day. I love to learn but I am so ready for this semester to be over. Finals and tests and quizzes, oh my! I plan on partying it up once this semester has ended. Woo hoo! :D Needless to say, in many of the pictures taken today I looked drugged. This is why many of them got deleted...I did leave one special one just for you, readers :P

Today's Outfit:

Were you able to pick out the "special one"? Perhaps the one where I'm almost cross-eyed? Yep, that'd be it! :D So, today I opted for comfort. I knew I was going to be going from class to class all day long. It is actually a head to toe denim look with my denim button up blouse and a pair of jeans. It worked though because the washes are so different, otherwise I would not have been 70-ing it up, trust me. With it I wore my leather woven flats, my brown leather bag, and my camera ring. I also added some orangy-red lipstick for a pop of color :)

The Breakdown:
  • Shirt: J.Crew-$30
  • Jeans: Banana Republic-$20
  • Bag: Goodwill-$5
  • Shoes: Goodwill-$6
  • Camera ring: ModCloth-$10

Day 075: Delicate, But Bold

Chuggin' along with catching up! Semesters almost over and then I can be a better blogger XD

Yesterday's Outfit:

In honor Summer being right around the corner I wore my bright purple dress that has some cute snaps going up the front. For more color I added a light pink skinny belt that I looped around because it's cute (and broken :P). I also wore my brown leather woven flats, brown leather bag, and my brown wooden cross necklace. Don't you love how green everything is now? Everything is in bloom and I love it!

The Breakdown:
  • Dress: H&M-$20
  • Belt: Estate sale-free
  • Flats: Goodwill-$6
  • Necklace: gift
  • Bag: Goodwill-$5

Day 074: At The Sound

I was babysitting that morning. Meet Ava :)

Monday's Outfit:

Monday I wore my new black pleated shorts that I love with a fire engine red button up tucked in. For shoes I went with comfy flat ked-like sneakers that have a quirky floral pattern on them. I also added some bling with my long magnifying glass necklace. I've been dying for the weather to warm up so I could break these new shorts out. Finally!

The Breakdown:
  • Blouse: Goodwill-$5
  • Shorts: J.Crew-$30
  • Shoes: Urban Outfitters-$15
  • Necklace: Put it together myself-free!
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