Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 013: GAZEbo

Hello everyone! Today I decided to have my photos take place in a gazebo in my neighborhood. I love this gazebo. I loved the open space that used to be there where I would play soccer and baseball as a child more, but we won't get into that :-P

Today's Outfit:

As you can see I had a fun time getting pictures taken at the gazebo today :D Thanks Mom for taking the pics!  I went for a black and brown combination today. As I've said in the past I love mixing a little brown with a lot of black. To tie the dressiness of black together with the casualness of brown I went with my blue tie-dye-ish scarf that I got from a little shop in India! I wore this outfit to work today (minus the scarf). I added the scarf along with some red lipstick to go out to get sushi with my lovely friend Jacqueline.

The Breakdown:
  • Black coat: H&M-approx. $50
  • Purse: Target-$15
  • Sweater: H&M-$15
  • Shorts: American Eagle-approx. $25
  • Leggings: Kohls-$18
  • Boots: Urban Outfitters-$48
  • Scarf: A little shop in India-$.50

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