Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 010: My Outfit Matches My Blog!

Hey everyone! I hope nobody's Monday was too grueling! I know mine was challenging in that I haven't even looked at a gym in weeks I will most likely be sore for days. Woot woot!

Anyways, I had a friend suggest that I should write a bit in each post about how/why I put an outfit together and where I was going. I think thats a great idea and will try to do this from now on!

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make this blog better please let me know! :)

Today's Outfit:
In all honesty I can't decide whether I myself like this outfit! I'm on the fence about it. The dress is actually a really large skirt that I bought from the Salvation Army. I loved the color(chartreuse) and the fullness of it so much I just had to figure out some way to wear it. I decided because it is such a bold dress it needed to be paired with little to no jewelery-hence the tiny little necklace. I love black and brown mixed together so I paired a black sweater and black tights with brown boots and a brown belt. This was the outfit I decided to wear to class this evening. Tell me what you think! Do you like it?

The Breakdown:
  • Skirt dress: Salvation Army-$5
  • Tights: Urban Outfitters-$18
  • Boots: Urban Outfitters-$40
  • Belt: A gift from a friend
  • Sweater: Target-$15
  • Neckalce: From a little boy selling jewelery in India-$.20


  1. P.S. I was thinking and I really like when you wear your hair like this, a lot! SO pretty! HaHa, so much that I went back to your older pictures to tell you, yeah I know, I'm creepin...

  2. o and it still cracks me up that this is a skirt.

  3. Haha oh yeah you were with me when I got it! And uhm thanks for the hair compliment...i think :-P


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