Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five on Friday

I meant to post this yesterday-whoops! I'm starting a new feature on my blog. Every Friday I will post five things that I'm loving. It will mostly be style related but not always. Hope you guys enjoy :)

5. Tereza Vlckova photography. Not only is the wardrobe quaint and whimsical, but the concept for the photos are amazing. The scenery makes it look like they are in some perfect, unrealistic fairy tale land. It makes you wonder whether they are flying, floating or jumping. Mysterious!

4. Tights that come in almost every color imaginable! I want some emerald ones!

3. She & Him's video for "Don't Look Back." I love every single vintage inspired look. Oh, and I love the song too of course :)

2. Yes, tights again. I can't help it. I saw these and fell in love. They're are so adorable! I might just have to buy me a pair :)

1. I love those rare days in the Winter where the skies are a beautiful shade of blue rather than gray. We had moments like this in Maryland this past week. It just simply lifted my spirits :)


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