Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 044: New Seasons

Why is it that my favorite seasons also tend to be the times when I get sick? The times of the year when cold changes to hot or vice versa have always been my favorite because you truly appreciate every warm day (or for me every cool, crisp day because I love Fall the most :D). When else in the year do you get really pumped that it's going to be 65 degrees outside? Uhm, never! That's what makes Spring great =)

Yesterday's Outfit:

Yesterday I feel like I looked like the epitome of a college student. It's something about that jacket that does it I think. I wore this army green jacket with grey skinny-cords, a button-up floral shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and some low-top black chucks. I added a red scarf just to bring a little color to the outfit. I figured without some pop of color the outfit would have looked a bit drab.

The Breakdown:
  • Shirt: Estate sale-free
  • Cords: Delias-around $30
  • Shoes: ??
  • Scarf: Old Navy-$10
  • Jacket: Pac Sun-$9 (Yes, I know. It's unreal.)
P.S. I'm sure you saw a little dog in the pictures. Meet Dobey, my extremely unfriendly, however lovable Chihuahua. 

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