Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 035: Suddenly I See

I got my hair did today! The color was tweaked a bit--you'll have to tell me what ya think! Also, I can suddenly see again (my bangs were trimmed), yay! Going to the salon gave me the opportunity to sit and do nothing for a few hours which I desperately needed. Relaxation! I don't know what it is but it just feels right to read a fashion magazine at the hair salon, as if some 50's fantasy is coming alive for me. I've had an Elle magazine sitting in my backpack for a week and finally got to look through it XD

Today's Outfit:

Today I looked in my closet and thought, "What's a dress I always wear the same way?" I saw this black velvet one tucked in there and immediately started thinking of different ways to wear it. I put a floral button up underneath, rolled up the sleeves, and buttoned it all the way up to the collar. I found some ivory tights that honestly just appeared in my drawer (I have no idea where they came from!) and wore them with my brown, lace-up boots. Red lipstick, pinned hair...done! :)

The Breakdown:
  • Black velvet dress: Ebay-$30
  • Shirt: Estate sale-free
  • Tights-??
  • Boots: Urban Outfitters-$40

P.S. I get really bored in my statistics class and doodle often...

P.P.S. This is trippy.

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