Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 045: I Can Hear Birds Chirping

Today I woke up and wasn't sure if I was up for a little hike in the woods or not. I pushed myself knowing I'd enjoy it once I got out there and I was so right :) If I could start every morning off that way I would! Being surrounded by nature in bloom, birds chirping, and the sun shining down on me was so peaceful. The beautiful weather didn't hurt either! :)

Today's Outfit:

Today I wore a pretty simple outfit. I was just excited to be wearing a sundress of sorts! The dress I wore was a floral maxi dress which I belted. Then all I did was add some sandals and my sunnys! 

The Breakdown:
  • Dress: Goodwill-$6.50
  • Sandals: A random store in the mall-$20
  • Belt: A gift
  • Sunnys: The Zone in B-More-$10

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