Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 072: Swallows & Larks

So, my camera died the other day when I wore this outfit. Womp womp. Oh, well! One picture it is!

Enjoy your evening :)

Friday's Outfit (really behind):
I chose to go for a little bit of a preppy look. Khaki's! Woot woot! I decided to iron a crease going down the pant legs to give a more elongated look (by the time this picture had been taken I had been wearing them awhile and they started falling out). I wore them with a rose colored button-up blouse. And to keep the look for being too businessy I wore brown leather-woven flats with a pointy toe, a brown leather purse, and light brown big sunglasses. I also took a piece of cream colored scrap fabric with origami animals on it and tied it as a headband. Headbands, I've discovered, are a great way to cover up roots when I just don't have the money for a touch-up! XD

The Breakdown:
  • Blouse: Goodwill-$5
  • Pants: J.Crew-$35
  • Shoes: Goodwill-$6
  • Purse: Goodwill-$5
  • Sunglasses: Delias-$5
  • Headband: free!

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