Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 083: Turban

I recently drove up to PA to visit my Grammy and my Uncle. We had so much fun shopping and dining out. Upon arriving back at their house I was told there was a jewelery and scarf stash! My Grammy gave me a bunch of scarves, jewelery, and accessories that are beautiful and unique. I was in Heaven! A lot of the pieces were my late Aunt Ann's. She obviously had good taste :)

Past Outfit:

As I have said in the past navy and plum are one of my favorite color pairings. There's just something about the two together that is just magic (I once saw a house painted these colors, I was in love). So, I wore a navy, polka-dotted pleated skirt and a plum colored shirt that has some crochet detail around the top. I added my new camel colored heals that I had gotten that day while shopping, a pendant necklace, and tied a purple chiffon scarf around my head. I had seen turban-ish hair accessories on different clothing websites and figured I would give it a try. With mine and my Grammy's powers combined we figured out a way to wrap it. 

Step 1: Hold an end of the scarf in each hand
Step 2: Pull the scarf against your forehead with the ends
pointing towards the back
Step 3: Criss cross the ends and pull them around to
the front of your head
Step 4: Knot at the side twice
Step 5: Tuck the ends into the band
Simple enough right? :)
The Breakdown:
  • Skirt: Goodwill-$5
  • Shirt: Banana Republic-$15
  • Shoes: Clarks Outlet-$20
  • Scarf: A gift :)
  • Necklace: Ebay-$10
P.S. Oh yeah, and thats my neighbor Gi-Won. Isn't she so precious??

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