Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 079: Just Tuck A Napkin In

Family has been coming in from all over and it's been great getting to see faces that I don't see nearly enough. We went out for crabs and beer that evening :)

Friday's Outfit:

Okay, so perhaps wearing a white top was not the best idea for eating crabs. I ended up having to tuck a napkin in my shirt collar, which actually didn't turn out too badly! :P I wore this button up, pin striped blouse with charcoal Audrey-esque cigarette pants. Then I added a peach colored scarf with some beading and some red-ish lipstick. And now to present my new shoes...I. Love. Them. They go with everything and they are so comfortable! Worth every penny :)

The Breakdown:
  • Top: J.Crew-$25
  • Pants: J.Crew-$38
  • Scarf: A gift from India!
  • Sandals: Anthropologie-$50

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