Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 073: When It Rains For 3 Hours

Hey guys! So, today was a pretty hectic day with school. Finals coming up, ugh. But, the end is in sight! 

The weather was also really strange. It was so rainy and dreary this morning so I put on my rainboots, but then it got sunny and stayed sunny for most of the day. I actually heard someone whisper in class "why is she wearing rainboots??" Number 1, I'm right here and you may ask me. Number 2, um...they're cute? XD

Today's Outfit:

Look at my adorable little kitty Milo in the doorway and swoon please! So precious. Anyways! Today I wore not only my black rainboots but my black jegging-like pants. I like playing with proportions so to offset the tight clothing I was wearing I wore an over-sized grey top. I also added hot pink lipstick :)

The Breakdown:

  • Top: H&M-$10
  • Pants: The Gap-$35
  • Boots: Nordstrom-$120

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