Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 078: Milk Maid

I love how green everything is getting now that Summer is on the horizon. It's making my pictures look warmer and life-y-er (yes, I can make up words whenever I'd like) :P

Past Outfit:

Well readers, I brought out my most special pair of shoes for you all! :P I just had to be comfortable that was a must...classes, finals, 'nough said. I'm not one of those fashion bloggers that "never wear anything but heels and dressy clothes." I don't who I'm quoting but I know I've read it! I'm a real person that enjoys a comfy day or two XD. So anyways, I wore a white and navy striped tunic with a pair of jeans and some flippy floppys. I layered two long necklaces-one a magnifying glass, the other some jingly tulips. I also decided to play with my hair that day and braided it back on both sides for a milk maid-ish look. :)

The Breakdown:
  • Top: H&M-$12
  • Jeans: Banana Republic-$18
  • Flip Flips: As if you care...
  • Tulip Necklace: ModCloth-$10
  • Magnifying Necklace: Free

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