Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 066: Red Foxes

This outfit is actually from Monday. I'm going to try to get better at posting my outfits and updates on here I promise! It's difficult when you are a student with a heavy class load because often it comes down to working on my blog or studying for an exam that worth 20% of my grade. You get the picture :) Anyways, as I said I will try  to do better! XD

Past Outfit:

Yay for 80 degree weather and legs that haven't seen the light of day in months! I was really pumped to finally wear my new red high-waisted shorts that I bought a month or two ago. They ended up not being the most flattering silhouette for me but, hey they're cute who cares! I went for a red and pink look since I'm lovin' those colors together lately. I wore my red shorts with a red blouse that has tiny foxes all over it. For some pink accents I wore bright pink lipstick and my pink sunglasses (which I lost and recovered-phew!). Added my brown leather sandals and I was good to go for this awesome summer-like day :)

The Breakdown:
  • Shorts: H&M-$18
  • Blouse: Ruche-$30
  • Shoes: Some random store in mall-$15
  • Sunglasses: Delias-$5
  • Lipstick: MAC-$15

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