Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 065: Origami Animals

Yesterday, I got to spend some time with my family celebrating my Grandma's birthday which I loved. Nowadays it's so difficult to get everyone in the same house what with everyones busy schedules and all, so it was nice to get ALMOST everyone there to party-arty :D. Tons of food, nice conversations, and present opening (my Grandma would much rather give presents then get them so everyone made sure to shower her with sentimental gifts)- It was a lovely time :) And then later I hung out with friends where I stuffed my face with even more food. Late night Wendy's run-woot woot!

Yesterday's Outfit:

I have been loving pinks mixed with animal print lately, so I was all about this pink-leopard pairing. I wore a rose colored blouse with a leopard maxi skirt with some leggings worn underneath for some warmth (it was a little chilly yesterday). I wore my brown boots, black sweater, and my gold chained purse. Also, I made some curtains recently out of some awesome, quirky fabric from IKEA and had some leftover fabric so I tied a strip of it around my head as a headband. :)

The Breakdown:
  • Blouse: Goodwill-$4
  • Skirt: Goodwill-$5
  • Boots: Delias-$40
  • Headband-IKEA fabric-free-ish
  • Sweater-Target-$15
  • Purse: A gift

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